As of 5/11/2020 our dental office is open for all dental treatment. We are excited to welcome patients back to our office for continued care and treatment needs. Our current hours are Monday-Thursday from 8am-4pm.

Our office has made every effort and then some to continue our pursuit of excellence in following OSHA and CDC guidelines for delivery of dental care. We have a long history of the highest standards in this regard; therefore, you will notice changes from our previous routines to ensure your continued safety. We will continue to create social distancing for patients in our dental office with our new routines. Here are our additional protocols for patients:

1. Our staff will prescreen patients prior to scheduling appointments.
2. We have extended our appointment times in order to decrease patient-to-patient interactions.
3. Patients must wear masks upon entering and exiting our building.
4. We ask that patients call us upon arrival and we will contact you and meet you at the door and escort you to your operatory.
5. All patients are screened for body temperature, BP/P, oxygen saturation.
6. All patients fill out a COVID-19 screening health history prior to any dental treatment.

While many of you are ready to return, we realize some patients would like to postpone any dental care. We are happy to honor any wishes of our patients with regards to dental treatment.

Additionally, there are many new protocols for our personal protective equipment to ensure staff safety and we have enacted new protocols between patients to reduce dental aerosols and prevent cross-contamination. Many of these new protocols are utilized by hospitals to sterilize patient rooms and treatment areas between patients.

Again, we are happy to be back and taking care of our family of patients.

Shannon Allison, DDS