One of the first things people notice about someone’s face is their smile. Facial expressions are centered around our eyes and mouths. So many emotions are communicated from these facial features. Therefore, people frequently look at your face.

All smiles are different. Slight variations from GOLDEN PROPORTIONS and midline discrepancies are not noticeable to most people. It’s the larger differences from nature’s pleasing proportions that are noticeable. Studies performed utilizing cyberspace have demonstrated the more visually appealing your smile, the better received your communication and listening skills will be. Additionally, COVID-19 has demonstrated the absence of facial expressions and smiles from wearing masks has hindered our social interactions and communications.

Your smile is one of your most important features! For patients wanting to enhance their smiles, there are many options to obtain a “trial smile.” We can utilize digital photos and generate a quick smile mock-up or we can utilize digital technology to generate a trial smile. Every patient’s needs and desires are different and there are limitations with smile design based on the individual’s specific dental situation. The great thing is that all “trial smiles” are reversible!

Digital “trial smiles” are easy to generate at your hygiene appointment. “Wearable trial smiles” require more time and information, but individuals are able to see first-hand how their teeth may appear with cosmetic enhancements.

We look forward to helping you put your best smile forward!