We do participate as in-network providers for three plans:  Delta Dental Premier Retired Military, United Concordia/Tricare Active Duty Military and First Health of the Carolinas Delta Dental Network.  We file all dental insurance claims for all of our patients no matter their insurance plans.  Most patients are unaware, but many dental insurance plans provide 100% coverage of Usual Customary Fees for most preventive dental services.  This means routine dental cleanings, X-rays, and exams are usually at no cost or very low cost to each patient.  If you have further insurance questions, please contact our office at 910-295-4343 or email pinehurstdentist@gmail.com.

  • dental insurance card
  • medical insurance card
  • previous dental records if you have them
  • list of prescription medications
  • list of herbal supplements
  • inhaler for asthmatics
  • a sweatshirt or jacket as our dental office is on the chilly side because our dental materials like cool temperatures
  • ID like a driver’s license or passport
  • New Patient Forms like medical history, HIPAA, dental treatment consent form

For routine cleanings and exams for adults expect 1 hour and for children 12 and under expect 30 minutes.  For crowns or similar major work, expect appointment lengths to be 2 hours minimum.  One of the patient care coordinators will give you more information about procedure length at the time of scheduling.  We do expect to be on time for our patients as we know patients have other commitments.  Please understand that we may have dental emergencies from time to time that cause a disruption in our schedule.  We want to spend an appropriate amount of time with each patient and we always do our best to get patients appointments completed within the allotted time.

10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment for new patients and 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment for our regular patients.  You are always more than welcome to arrive early and check out our awesome magazine assortment in the waiting room.  We have the best collection of current magazines in town!  Most patients comment that they do not have enough time to peruse them before their appointments.

For new patients and for existing patients needing refills, please inform us several days in advance of your appointment that you take premedication prior to dental treatment.  Patients may take premedication for joint replacements like artificial knees, hips and shoulders; for certain heart conditions like artificial valves or history of bacterial endocarditis; or for certain systemic diseases and compromised immune systems.  We would like to verify your condition with your medical doctor and confirm your premedication prescription.  In the event you forget to take your premedication, we keep some antibiotics on hand for emergencies; however, it takes 42 minutes for the antibiotic to reach proper blood concentration, so we may have to reschedule your appointment.

Yes, you may, as long as we have written and verbal consent for that day’s dental treatment.  Please make sure we have your current cell phone number.

We recommend Phillips Sonicare and Oral B Sonic toothbrushes with new toothbrush heads every 3 months.  If you use a manual toothbrush, make sure it has soft bristles.  Denture patients should utilize denture cleansers and very soft brushes to avoid scratching the denture acrylic which can lead to bacterial and fungal contamination of the acrylic.  Each toothpaste is different and each mouth is different.  Find something you like which does not irritate your tissues.  The most important thing is the mechanical removal of the plaque from the teeth for 2 minutes twice per day.  Flossing is equally important daily to remove bacteria from in between the teeth and under the gum margins.  Just a generic waxed or unwaxed floss is sufficient.  Mouthwash options are unlimited as well.  Listerine is the only brand proven to reduce the bacteria which lead to tooth decay; however, its high alcohol content is very harsh on the oral tissues.  Just pick one you feel comfortable using and use it regularly.  A waterpik is an excellent investment.  Using a waterpik daily can really reduce the food debris and bacteria around the teeth and in gum pockets, especially for patients who have lost dexterity.  Interdental brushes are another great tool for cleaning nooks and crannies around the teeth.  These may be purchased at most grocery stores and pharmacies and, of course, on AMAZON.  This list is not complete, but it should give you a great start to optimal oral health.

This depends on previous frequency of dental cleanings, periodontal health and systemic health.  Usually 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.  We like to take the time to get to know our patients and answer all of their questions and collect all the appropriate information and diagnostic tests to make correct diagnoses

Yes.  All new patients receive a new patient exam at their initial hygiene appointment.  Some patients may require additional time to review dental concerns and treatment needs, so additional appointments may be needed after the initial appointment.

Only patients diagnosed with healthy gums and no bone loss are eligible to receive routine dental cleanings.  Once bone loss occurs, a disease state is present.  Dental gum disease or periodontal disease, requires treatment with deeper cleanings (scaling and root planing) and sometimes requires periodontal surgery.  The goal with periodontal treatment is to remove bacteria and disinfect the gums and bones and root surfaces in order to prevent bleeding with probing and establish gum pockets 3mm or less in depth

Monday-Thursday from 8-3pm.  Patients may reach us outside of regular office hours by calling 910-639-0491 or by emailing pinehurstdentist@gmail.com

No patients are required to have dental X-rays taken.  Many people have concerns about additional radiation exposure.  Fortunately, we have utilized digital dental X-rays for intraoral and extra-oral radiography for over 12 years.  Digital X-rays reduce the radiation exposure over traditional film-based X-rays.  4 bite-wing digital dental X-rays equals 0.005 mSv of radiation exposure which is less than one day of natural background radiation or the equivalent of a 1-2 hour plane ride.  This low exposure is an important trade off as the diagnostic images allow dentists to see inside and around the tooth structures and the teeth so we can evaluate for pathology like bone loss, oral cancer or tooth decay.  We apply the ALARA principles with dental X-rays and limit exposure to use for diagnostic purposes.  X-rays to see in between the teeth and the top edge of the bone around teeth are generally taken every 12-18 months and extra oral full jaw X-rays are taken every 3-5 years for evaluation of the bones around the teeth and jaw

We offer a variety of services.  This is one of the best things about being a general practitioner.  One of the most rewarding things in dentistry is being able to complete different procedures such as root canals, implants, crown lengthening, periodontal surgery, cosmetic dentistry and crowns and bridges for our patients.  We are able to take care of almost all of our patients’ needs and patients appreciate being able to stay in one place.  We have taken extensive training both in the classroom and in a clinical setting in order to perform advanced procedures for our patients.  We also understand when to refer to a specialist.  Ultimately, we want to take the best care of our patients and we always put their needs and dental health first.  To see a full list of our services, please refer to our website www.pinehurstdentist.com.

Yes, we file all of your treatment performed to your dental insurance.  Unfortunately, filing dental insurance is no guarantee of benefits or payment.  All patients are responsible for the total cost of their dental treatment.  We work extremely hard to maximize your dental insurance benefits each year.  Routine dental visits and great at home care help ensure against a need for catastrophic dental coverage (which does not exist) and catastrophic dental care.

We do not accept Medicaid.  There are a few dental offices which do accept Medicaid and a Google search may be performed to find these offices.

Yes.  We offer different types of payment options.  For instance, we offer CARE CREDIT for payment of dental services.  For further questions about these options, please visit us for a dental consultation.  Dentistry is an expensive venture for many patients.  Regular dental care helps to minimize cost over time for patients because treating disease or infection earlier is usually less costly.  For those patients facing large expenditures for dental treatment, we do our best to minimize your out-of-pocket costs and maximize insurance benefits.

During the work week, we allot time each day for seeing emergency patients.  During the weekend, please call or text our emergency cell phone number 910-639-0491 and someone will return your call as soon as possible.  We will do our best to triage the situation and determine a course of action.  If you have suffered from head and neck trauma and/or you have fallen, please go to the EMERGENCY ROOM immediately.  We cannot perform treatment until you have been medically cleared for treatment from your doctor.

The American Dental Association recommends for healthy dental patients to have a routine prophylaxis and periodic exam every 6 months and X-rays every 12-24 months.  If you floss every day and brush twice per day, if you limit your frequency of sugar intake to meals, and you have no stress and do not grind your teeth, then this schedule will apply to you.  If you do not fall into this description, then it is recommended you see us at least this often and, sometimes, more frequently.  Patients with systemic diseases often have dental complications which require more frequent dental visits.  Also, as patients age and/or from taking medications, patients may develop serious dental complications requiring increased frequency of dental visits.

YES!  Always.  Please call our office to schedule an appointment today.  Phone:  910-295-4343.  We look forward to meeting you!

Yes.  For treatment exceeding $1000 we offer a 5% cash/check courtesy savings

There a several specialists in the Moore County area.  A few of them do offer their services in PPO dental networks.  Referrals are patient dependent on type of treatment needed and insurance.  Patient preferences are also taken into account with referrals.

There are three recommended options for tooth replacement:  dental implant, bridge, or partial dentures.  A dental implant, usually the most expensive option, offers the most comfortable option as it mimics the presence of the previously existing tooth and root form.  A bridge, or fixed partial denture, is 3 or more crowns connected together and cemented into place to cover the missing tooth space.  Bridges come in many different material types and can an offer excellent option with a short treatment time span.  Bridges do require drilling on the teeth adjacent to the space of the missing tooth on either side.  Lastly, partial dentures are single tooth replacements which are taken in and out.  They are usually the least expensive option and often the most uncomfortable due to the bulk of material for replacement of a single tooth.  Every patient and every mouth is different.  A thorough examination needs to be performed and a diagnosis determined before treatment options may be presented.  Also, a patient’s desires are an invaluable component in the final prosthesis chosen

We put our patients’ dental health and desires first.  We are all excellent clinicians and patient care coordinators, and together we strive to take the best care of every patient just as we would our family members and each other.  “Great teams practice what they preach.”  Knowing this about us, why would you choose anyone else for your dental care?