Teeth Whitening

Pinehurst NC Teeth WhiteningTeeth are made of very hard material called enamel and dentin which are similar to bone.  Interestingly, teeth are porous, and they tend to soak up organic stain from food and drinks over time.  This staining occurs gradually, and may make teeth look yellow or brown.  These types of extrinsic stains are respond well to whitening, or bleaching the teeth.  There are other types of intrinsic stains, such as due to childhood sickness or medications, which may be more difficult to whiten.  We can evaluate and discuss this treatment with you.  In the past, we tried in office instant whitening procedures.  We found these to be uncomfortable for our patients, and we often had to make take home whitening trays to finish the whitening process.  Now, we prefer to make custom whitening trays which our patients take home to whiten their teeth in a progressive fashion.  We use a peroxide based gel.  This method has proven to be safe and effective, and we can tailor your whitening schedule specifically for you.  You may experience some temporary gum and thermal sensitivity.  We can adjust your whitening schedule and provide you with desensitizing paste to use in your trays.


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