Oral Inflammation and Your Body

Having healthy gums has a huge impact on your body’s total health.  Current research demonstrates the direct relationship of gum disease on your body’s health.  There is an association between gum disease or periodontal disease and chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease and with respiratory diseases and preterm low birth weight.

For most people, gum disease does not hurt.  Bacteria, the toxins from bacteria, and your body’s own immune response to the bacteria causes bone loss and gum loss and eventually tooth loss.  Our goal as dentists and hygienists is to remove the bacterial load and reduce the inflammation in your mouth and help patients to manage their periodontal disease.

Some patients are at greater risk for developing periodontal disease.  Smoking is one of the greatest risk factors.  It is very important to identify each patient’s risk factors.  For more information on risk factors, click on this link to our risk questionnaire on our website. periodontal disease risk questionnaire  periodontal disease questionnaire

How do we help patients manage periodontal disease?  Identifying the inflammation is the first step.  Once the teeth with persistent inflammatory responses are recognized, then your hygienist (aka periodontal therapist) will recommend a series of deeper cleanings, local medication placement, more frequent visits to see her, or even a referral to the periodontist.


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