Gum/Periodontal Treatment

Prevention and Gum Health

Dentists in Pinehurst NCResearch shows that good oral health is important for achieving total body health.  Optimal dental health requires meticulous homecare and regular dental checkups to catch problems early.  The hygienist will assess home care, remove calculus, discuss dietary considerations, demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques, update dental radiographs, and perform a fluoride treatment.  The dentist will examine the soft tissues for oral cancer, gingivitis, or periodontitis, and will examine the x-rays for cavities, carotid artery calcifications, or bone abnormalities.  We recommend age appropriate toothpastes, sonic toothbrushes, and accessory hygiene aids like specialized floss and waterpiks.  We will establish a routine and checkup interval that is best for you.  One interesting fact about oral hygiene is that brushing your teeth within 20 minutes of eating or drinking will significantly reduce your chances of getting cavities by reducing acid levels.  Cavities are the result of acid byproducts of oral bacteria which live on food particles in our mouth.  This acid dissolves tooth structure and the bacteria move in and infect the tooth.  This process, coupled with genetic predispositions to oral health problems, make homecare and regular dental check ups very important.

Oral Hygiene Aids

There are tools our hygienists may recommend to optimize oral hygiene at home.  There are electric toothbrushes like the Sonicare by Phillips or the Oral B Sonic Toothbrush by Oral B.  Also, a waterpik helps remove additional plaque and food debris between teeth.  We may prescribe rinses, fluoride toothpastes or fluoride trays for sensitivity reduction or cavity prevention.

Periodontal Gum Health

We now know that gum and periodontal health are an important part of total body health.  We have natural bacteria in our mouths which may become harmful if we have susceptibility to oral or total body disease.  Our oral health is often a window to our total body health.   If there is disease in one of these two areas, it will often have negative health effects on the other area.  A very important concept that science has proven is that improvement in oral health will improve total body health and vice versa.  Find out if you have gum disease.  It may be more important than you think. Try our Dental Wizard to learn more. Another great source of information is the American Academy of Periodontology Website,


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