Crowns and Onlays

Pinehurst NC Dental Crowns Onlays and BridgesWhen a tooth has a large filling, a lot of decay, or a crack, the tooth may need something other than a filling to restore function and esthetics.  In back teeth, a crown or onlay will restore the tooth properly.  A crown is usually a tooth colored porcelain restoration that is fused onto a biocompatible, gold alloy.  There are metal free crowns as well.  An alternative to a crown is an onlay, which is like a half crown.  Onlays are often an excellent way to restore a tooth because they conserve more of the natural tooth structure.  We use 3M Empress porcelain onlays and Zirconia porcelain crowns.  Onlays can be porcelain or gold.  On some back teeth, we may recommend gold onlays, which are highly durable, tooth conserving restorations, that are unmatched by any other type of restoration.


It is important to replace missing teeth.  We may replace a missing tooth by incorporating a substitute tooth into a bridge connecting adjacent teeth.  The bridge unit will be cemented in place and appear to be individual teeth.  The bridge will usually be made of porcelain fused to a biocompatible, gold alloy.  Bridges are important to restore and stabilize the bite so that teeth do not shift.  Shifting teeth will often lead to gum problems and difficulty with future restoration.


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